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Water butt - Wheelie bin

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Well that depends on what service you are offering, to who, whether you want an 'add on service' that you can take in & out of the works vehicle or if you want to have a vehicle mounted set up.

I took a 1400 litre tank out of my vehicle & replaced it with an IBC tank.

A residential water supply will be around 12 - 20LPM (it could be lower). so a 240 litre bin will be adequate for a 15 LPM machine, filling up while you're working it should keep up with you.

At 21 LPM with a slow supply you will have downtime, waiting for a partial or full refill.

The machine I use, when on full flow will use a 240 litre tank in less than 6 minutes, to allow for a 15 LPM refill while emptying another will give another 90 litres - 2 more minutes.

Most people will never use or need this size of machine but hopefully the  above will help you to understand flow into your water tank minus what is being drawn from it.

You can get away with a stupidly small water tank (well below 100 litres) if you can guarantee the same amount of water is coming in & going out.

First thing to do when you go & look at the job, TEST THE TAP FLOW - Do not believe the customer!

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