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Starting new business, Burnley/ Pendle. Advice needed

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Im looking at setting up a window cleaning business and trying to work out whether I’m better off buying a round to get started or starting from scratch and using social media and leafleting. 
The rounds seem to be going for a lot of money round here 8x to 10x. So it would cost a fortune to buy into window cleaning but I’ve also been told The window cleaners round here are very territorial and don’t like anyone treading on there feet, So would  be a good idea buying a round and not to start canvassing. Surely someone claiming to have rights to certain areas doesn’t still stand in this day and age?  
can anyone give me any advice. 

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Clearview Lee
Posted (edited)

There’s 3 Indian restaurants in close proximity to my house. Business is business. 
nature of the beast. 
Just get out there and put the food on your table for you and yours. 

That’s my advice anyhow. All the very best of luck with the new venture. 

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The days of territories are long gone, the house owner chooses who does their windows. They might threaten you but very rarely do they carry out their threats. Personally I wouldn't buy work but I know a few lads on here buy and sell work so it can work out ok. The work would have to be decently priced and very compact to pay between 8 and 10 times. At 10 times you're virtually working for 15 months to get your money back.

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Thanks lee. They are my thoughts too, I just want to gauge what people think and maybe people who live in this area could give me some advice. 

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