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IBC tank recommendation

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Just spoke to the supplier; that tank is brand new, with 150mm top lid. They don't have any with bigger lids, is that an issue? I understand I need to cut two lines from the lid to fit the pump. Thanks

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Look on eBay they generally sell for around £50-75  if buying second hand try and get one that has had concentrated. Orange juice in it or other similar based products , don’t get one that has had fuel, or oily products in it , usually they are 600 or 1000 ltr , hole size in the top shouldn’t be an issue you can get submersible pumps that fit inside all of them or use an external pump connected to the outlet 

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Got mine a month or two ago from a local company, steam cleaned and refurbed with new lids and outlets. 640L tank for £50 delivered. Not sure they would deliver as far as london though, but youre bound to find a decent 2nd hand one locally!

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Mine was Gumtree. £60. But clean. Had to drive an hour there but worth it. avoid these ones that had gooey chemicals in them for £30 you sometimes see. 

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Thanks Guys, no luck with second hand locally so far... I'm checking ebay last few months, usually £100-120 delivered but not sure of condition. I'd rather pay £200 for brand new. Will order tomorrow if no one sugest cheaper alternative for brand new tank.

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Try Facebook Market place, always something somewhere, I picked up a 600ltr baffled tank with metal frame, pump, controller, IBC tank, pole, hose and reel all for £150..keep looking and checking 

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1 hour ago, moto said:

Thanks BM, cant wait too long. All new 4040 RODI system delivered next week from Daqua 🙂

Found bargain, bit too far for me. Maybe someone local needs one; https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/324177533426


Could you not use Shiply or some other delivery-bidding service to get a quote for it to be delivered?
Or if you had a van already, they are light enough to lift in the back!

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