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Telescopic ladder recommendations

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Hi Guys,

What size telescopic ladder would you recommend? are there any brands to go for, or more importantly to avoid.


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Welcome @Finch79 I have had one for over 12 years and they are good for flat roof access I would say avoid the likes of Ebay and Amazon sellers and buy from reputable supplier like Screwfix  also any issues you can do an easy return I have a stabiliser bar on mine.

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I also use one regularly for flat roof access, and it’s spot on provided you take care to maintain the latches so they engage easily when extending the ladder. 
I’m sure mines 3.8m and that’s been fine for most domestic access jobs.

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Thanks guys,

I went for the Youngman 3.8 telescopic. Reviews were good and got it from ToolStop. Seems perfect for conys and getting up to flat roofs


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On 30/05/2020 at 12:23, Finch79 said:

Hi Guys,

What size telescopic ladder would you recommend? are there any brands to go for, or more importantly to avoid.


Hi Finch79, I can highly recommend the X-tend and climb 3.8 Pro, for accessing flat roof extensions and garages. Mine was supplied mail order by TB Davies in Wales. It's very robust and does not flex , it has soft close rungs so as not to trap fingers (the risers hold air on extension and release it slowly when being lowered) and it's quiet to use. Something to bear in mind when kids or night workers might be asleep. I'm not sure but I think it may be USA manufactured.

A very small amount of maintenance from time to time. While it's extended, spray silicone or dry PTFE on the risers. Do not use oils, WD40 for instance. They will attract and hold dirt and grit causing premature wear. I wouldn't go higher than 3.8m as High Tower suggested. I think beyond that height it would be unwieldy to use.



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