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Conservatory roof cleaning advice please

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Hello gents

I'm looking for advice on how to clean/remove the ingrained dirt you see on my uPVC roof, I've half heartedly tried a few surface cleaners without much luck but now I'm serious about it as it's looking grim. I'm not really sure what the staining is whether it's just the plastic degrading or moss but what product would be best to use and how? Many thanks.





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I'm not sure,I thought it was on the outside of the sheet when I was up there and if it was sun burnt why the banding and not the whole sheet? 

Having looked at this picture most of the morning I'm wondering if the bitumen from flashing tape has anything to do with it....

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Looks like the dirt is between the inner and outer plastic so you cannot clean it , looks like it’s seen better days and needs replacing 😰😰😰

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That roof type is constructed with hollow 'box' sections, that run top to bottom (think honeycomb) the internal sides/top/bottom, over time become stained (often the ends are only protected with tape which deteriorates, permitting water/moss/mould/staining to enter the honeycomb interior channel staining them. Replace is only viable option imho  

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