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Pole hose problems

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Everytime I pull the hose for the univalve the pole hose pops out, I got a new 3way connector from gardiner But it’s still happening, can anyone help?? 

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You need to fit a stopper where the hose pops through the goose-neck to take the strain. Some folk fit a 7mm plastic disc of plastic where the hose pops out or crimp a hose clip around the hose.  

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Have you tried Gardiners latest gooseneck valve? I popped one on my everyday pole a couple of weeks back and am really liking it. Takes a little getting used to, and I kept pulling on the hose to start with out of habit. However, now I've got used to it I actually find it quicker and smoother to operate. My daughter has been doing a little work with me and as soon as she tried the gooseneck valve on my pole she went and bought one for herself.

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Sorry my previous post wasn't very helpful with you current problem. You might want to try this.

As the previous post to mine said you need to fix you hose at the gooseneck to prevent it pulling on the 't' connector. The way I used to do it was like this. I used to make the piece you see in the picture out of a piece of plumbing pipe. but any piece of plastic about 1.5mm or thicker should do. The hole needs to be drilled to 7mm so it is a tight fit once in place. don't be tempted to make the hole larger to make it easier to fit or it will slip. The advantage of this over a crimped 'o' clip is it is removeable and thus reusable.



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3 hours ago, Adda85 said:

Everytime I pull the hose for the univalve the pole hose pops out, I got a new 3way connector from gardiner But it’s still happening, can anyone help?? 

Get a thick rubber tap washer and drill the inner ID less than your pole hose or fit a slightly snug double ear O clip where the pole hose comes out of your pole thread euro fitting.


You'll only destroy your univalve 



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If popping out connector, fit the pole hose barbs,they hd I  the 3 way connectors better, as the hose can slip out after a bit of wear, or too much force, I've got them on all parts, either side of univalve,as well. Cant see them on gardiners site, daqua sells them.

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