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Forum software improvements are coming!


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Hey all, I hope you are all well. Sorry, I haven't been around much its been pretty busy my end with one thing or another. I wanted to start informing everyone of the upcoming improvements to the forum software (invision community suite). The developers are working on and beta testing the next version, which is 4.5. Many of you will have no interest at all, but I urge you to take a little interest at least as I will have to install the new update when it comes available. 

This is a big release, so many changes and significant improvements are coming. I will list each update from the developers below so you can take a look for yourself at all the new things coming. 

This may or may not mean that our current theme/styling will stop working, at this point I am not sure but to start off here is the info regarding the new default theme that is much less cluttered more modern and so on. Just to reiterate this IS NOT about me faffing or getting bored of the look, this is about the software developers improving many aspects of the software, and that includes the look. We will have to update to this new version for security reasons and improvements. 


You can follow all the updates as they come here https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/ or i will add new links below as they punlish new updates. 


4.5: Introducing our updated default theme



4.5: Club Improvements Roundup. We don't actually use clubs here, but if anyone has a good idea for their use we can add them



4.5: Invites and Referrals



4.5: Private staff notes. One for the staff, yes we do watch you & communicate about members 



4.5: Forum View Updates



4.5: Topic view summary and more. We particularly like the topic summary in the sidebar!



4.5: Marking as solved. We don't use the Q & A feature but again if members have a good idea or reason for us to do so we can add it.



4.5: Notification Improvements. Welcomed by many, I am sure. Much improved notification settings



4.5: User Interface Improvements



4.5: Security Enhancements



4.5: Simple Stock Photo Picker



4.5: Sign in with Apple



4.5: Two feature addition.  Another for the staff team. We will be able to set a topic which is kicking off or going off-topic to have all replies approved. 



For those that are down with the kids you will also be able to embed TikTok videos not quite sure where that would fit with the community but hey. 


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46 minutes ago, Gav said:

For those that are down with the kids you will also be able to embed TikTok videos not quite sure where that would fit with the community but hey. 

Most of the videos I'm sent aren't suitable for kids, thinking about it most aren't suitable for me 😮 Regarding the update I read as far as "The developers are working on and beta testing the next version, which is 4.5. Many of you will have no interest" and lost interest, sorry 😛

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21 hours ago, Pjj said:

Oh dear more changes , I have just got used to the way it is now 😬😬😬😬I think everything works really well not like ciu .

I wondered how it would take you 😅

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Ok little update. we now have a basic test install of the updated forum software you can take a look here https://s302335.invisionservice.com/ i have enabled guest posting so you can just post away without registering. Obviously when the update is fully released our actual community will be updated but this gives everyone a little look at how it will look and feel. Mostly in terms of functionality everything is where it normaly is with a few additions here and there. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Just to let everyone know that the sites software will probably be update din the next week or two. With this will come some visual changes and enhancements. It may take a little time to get everything running smoothly but bare with.  Before anyone complains again its not a case of we are doing it for the sake of it. Its being done becuase the developers have released a new vesion of the software with bug fixes, security fixes and code enhancements as technology enhances. 

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