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Best Van Mounted System

Master Jedi Alejandro

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Hey all,

Currently looking to upgrade to a two man system. I've been talking to Grippa, Waterworks and Window Cleaning Warehouse. Warehouse have given me very good price on a 500l Osmo, fully fitted with everything I need. Just wondering if anyone has this system? I was told by them its a simple setup which allows easy access and maintenance, to swap parts over if required. My biggest fear is something to stop working and being unable to continue because of it. I'm in Scotland so its DI only, and I'm looking at electric reels but no hot water.


So any tips or pointers, any companies I haven't thought of, it would be nice to hear your advice.


Thank you!


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35 minutes ago, Part Timer said:

I'm on my second Pure Freedom system. They're based in Grimsby and supply and fit all that you have listed.


I'll give them a ring. Thanks man!

35 minutes ago, Part Timer said:

I'm on my second Pure Freedom system. They're based in Grimsby and supply and fit all that you have listed.


Why is it, can I ask, you recommend them?

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My first one, 650l 2 man system, is 9 years old and in the spare van, I bought a bigger van last year so got an 800l tank with a twin stack. I would recommend them for anything they engineer, I wouldn't recommend them for resins etc. They are however very busy, spoke to them last week about servicing the electric reels, they told me what to do and it's relatively easy, but it would be mid August at the earliest before I could get in if I wanted them to do it. 

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I got my 350ltr system fitted at PureFreedom I went with them for 2 reasons first of all they know what they are doing as they are an engineering company and have been for years even before coming into the wfp market and they were the closet to me although 138 miles ain't close and offered value for money, If you need charge your battery each night it's very easily done there is a cover over the battery which takes less than a minute to unscrew the wingnuts and remove then attach the charger,

Negatives about PF they fit cheap cox rollers with plastic rollers which wear out in months better to have some heavy duty ones like the Waterworks security guides and when you ask for a quote it's just like a shopping list with nothing priced individually just a total at the bottom

The other systems look smart but I have seen pics of waterworks one and the pump and electrics were crammed in behind a panel with pump directly over the battery, personally I think everything needs to be easily accessible so can do routine checks and easily spot any issues. 


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I went with Grippatank because there system is crash tested and maybe needed if employing someone who has to ride in the van. Not sure what would happen if your van is in a crash and the tank injured an employee? The employee may be able to sue the owner who installed an unsafe tank system. fwiw

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had a diy fitted pure freedom system for years but got  a new Phoenix 500 di system with electric reel and hose guides fitted by window cleaning warehouse 4 months ago.

they did a top job, very professional and yes, all the components are tucked away behind a panel but there's plenty of space to work on them if need be and personally, I think it makes the van much tidier having all that hidden away.

If you want hole guides, the ones they supply are modified from vehicle winches and are really solid👍

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Think all the major companies will be good as long as they are fitted correctly, I like the idea of all components tuck away Pump,strainer and battery etc behind a panel les# chance of getting damaged in the event of something not tied down properly that added little bit of protection, after all I have had my little van mount for years and only took the front panel off once to check the strainer that was approx 6 months ago to see if it needed cleaning lol, took a minutes a few screws. 

My battery as quick lock connectors so don’t need to take the panel off for that nicely tucked away and out of sight. 

As a matter of fact when my son takes over I will only keep a couple of days work I will by another system the same facelift compact can’t fault the design 👍


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