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Looking at possibly using flyers. Opinions on designs please!


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Been having a look at maybe posting flyers/leaflets as an interim before canvassing is socially acceptable again. I've had a few 'adverts' through from large retailers so I reckon it's alright now to post. But im not great at designs etc. But mocked something up though it needs a lot of polishing and wanted some input/ideas on what needs to be changed etc. Going to go for a double-sided, A5 sized flyer, approx 170GSM with a gloss finish.

I have attached my first draft below. Having looked at it theres some things I would change, plus also mentioning extras like FSG etc, although that may be better to mention upon quoting so as not to overload them with info? Thanks in advance for your input!




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Personally I'm not keen on publicising guide prices. I had one customer contact me for a quote on a 3 bed detached property. I said I can't quote on that but he kept pestering. Managed to call over to view his property - it was a £1m pound house that takes me 90 minutes to do. But yet, it was only a 3 bed detached!  The amount of glass was staggering!

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@Robt100 I respectfully disagree with @NewGuy in sample prices.

he is correct that you will experience the odd time waster or someone trying to get in a loop hole, however, it pre-qualifies people and most are reasonable.

by publishing sample prices you are setting the tone in terms of price and it means most who get in touch will already be loosely happy with it as they will expect some leeway based on the text you put.

I would change the colour of the text below your company name. Make it more readable as there is a lot of the same white and blue.

also, the rear is occupied mainly by price.

I would perhaps include prices to one side with a header ‘Price Guide’ and then put testimonials from google page if you’ve any.

Then I’d add a call to action on the back too. Spaces limited or similar which creates a little bit of urgency. Don’t lie but whatever suits to create that little bit of urgency is good. 

Finally. The front bottom says see sample prices and your number and such. Consider them not being the same colour as to make them visually more independent but consider which is more important. I’d say the attraction to prices over side is. Then once they’re there a very visible number at the bottom of the rear to make them get in touch.

they look very neat and professional at the moment regardless. I think anyone would be impressed with them. 

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Here is my opinion:

  1. the logo is too big and with it centralised it takes up too much space. The logo is not that important.
  2. Don't use italics and try to use no more than two different fonts 
  3. I like the before and after but does this look clear when printed? 
  4. you need to include areas you cover 
  5. add contact details to the back 
  6. a list of services would also be useful (seperate form your price guide)
  7. the price guid needs tidying up in terms of alignment and spacing 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

What program are you using to create this? 

Also are you trad or WFP you need to add this to your flyer, most customers like to know 🙂

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3 hours ago, THL4KEL said:

Putting prices stops a conversation happening.

Good! 😆 I don't want bargain hunters or barterers calling me to spend 20mins going through hypothetical scenarios of how to get it cheaper. I just want people who want a cleaner and are happy to pay a reasonable sum.

Thanks for all the tips so far. I shall add contact details to the back as everyone has mentioned that.

@Omega Thanks for the colour suggestions regarding the text, im going to have to find some colourwheel websites as I cant think of a suitable 3rd colour with white and blue that isn't going to look a little 'cheap'. Some other good tips I shall put into 'Revision B' of the leaftlets.

@Teddington Window Cleaners Regarding fonts, im still trying to find where I put the font used for the Comapny name/logo. I've had a new PC since and can't remember where I backed it up to. But it will change once I find it! I think I shall be adding other services on there somewhere, though not as prominent as I'm mainly looking for regular stable work rather than one-offs like FSG (although I'm more than happy to upsell!).

Got the in-laws staying until Thursday, so will have to get onto this again at the weekend. But I'm glad the feedback has been reasonably positive so far........was waiting for an "oh no thats horrific" reply🤣


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Ok, take two, some minor adjustments!
Also, the colour for the blue doesn't seem to come out right on here when I look at the images? Looks fine on the PC, but seems to go very 'primary blue' on here??
The two options the colour wheel gave me on a triadic system (complementary chose a dark mustard) were a green and a weird off-red. So decided to use the green as my stand-out colour. Again, the colour is skewed on here, and I have no idea why! (EDIT: turns out it is down to browsers converting the image into sRGB colours from CMYK etc), think ive managed to 'fix' the front to give you and idea of actual colour!


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Where in the country are you? 

With regards to pricing on flyer. I think your prices look abit low to me and by setting out your stall at let say £18 4 bed detached and you go quote  price and then want an 8 or 12 weekly clean you will struggle to get the price you want as in there mind they will value your cleaning as £18 worth. 

I would increas your prices and perhamps do a starting from. If you want to get rid of price shoppers put a higher price on there and get the cream.

But if you want to have a round full of 4 weeklys this flyer should work. Main thing is to yo get it printed and get it our there in your area. You can obsess over fonts and designs but action beats procrastination. Value yourself and believe your worth a minimum £10 or £15 



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@Ozzylawless Based on the Notts/Derby border. Going by prices I've seen of fellow windies round here, those prices are between 30-100% (yep!) higher than they charge. Ideally id add £1-2 to each but for now it'll do. My main aim is to have enough to pay the rent, if I have to work 10% harder that id like to be priced to do so then so be it.

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