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Fury hose in water storage tank.

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Rob Binnie

Hi all, after some advice on what looks like a contamination in my water storage tank. 

I started making pure water a year ago. Following advice from a mate I had the filters and ro in the shed and a resin vessel on the van. 

I'm looking at getting a smaller van, so have now set up with everything in the shed for pure water. Looking in the storage tank there's what appears to be a grey fluffy substance on the transfer hose and the power cable for the pump. Not sure what this is, but would imagine it would contaminate the pure water? 

Any suggestions on what this growth may be and how to treat it would be really appreciated.


Have uploaded a pic here: https://ibb.co/fHV68Sb


Thanks, Rob. 

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I wouldn’t worry about it. Just keep testing your stored water TDS. It will just be a reaction due to the hose standing in water all the time. I noticed the connector on one of my fittings that’s in water all the time was as rusty as hell (meant to be stainless) TDS is still 0PPM so alls good!!

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I can’t quite see on the photo but the hose looks like it’s made of black rubber. Could be coincidence but when you buy some of the black window cleaning rubbers they have a little bit of a feint powdery coating on them to keep them from sticking together - could it be the hose has a coating on it and it’s reacting in the water? Pure water’s PH is acidic so it’s maybe possible.

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Rob Binnie

Thanks for all the replies 👍think I'll just wipe it off and keep an eye on it and the tds. 

Many thanks, Rob. 

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