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Prob been asked before..


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Hi folks.. relatively new to wfp so prob a silly question. 

I have used vision in my 500ltr tank. Today I noticed water pressure not that great.. unscrewed the small filter and was full of a yellow type substance.. 

Washed filter out and now I can't seem to get much pressure coming out the jets like I used to. Pump seems to be running non stop too.. pretty sure it used to stop now and again. 

I have one of those taps on the wfp hose.. when I open it I get a good blast of water..then it seems to trickle out again. Is this an air lock.. and if so can someone explain in newbie terms please lol. 

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What you are describing in the tank is the issue many who use additives have experienced , it forms a gell like substance that blockers filters and small jets ,especially if you put a bit to much in each time it has an accumulative effect ,without wanting to cause controversy , all that is needed to get good results is a TDS reading of 000 . 

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One way you can tell if a product is likely to do this is to let it stand in the bottle for a few days before putting it in your tank. If the components separate and a sediment settles in the bottom of the bottle it will do the same in your tank over time.

Personally I agree with Pjj's thoughts on this. However, if you feel you want to try them, do the test above before using it.

I use a trolley with 25L barrels and used to put in the required dose before filling so that it mixed thoroughly. But in time I also had similar problems to you. I also didn't experience the wow factor that others did, so I stopped using it. Where I work cold pure works just fine.

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That sounds about right .. yes had reading of 0 but heard vision helps with sheeting etc. 

Ok will lay off the additives.. 

What's the best way to remove the air lock. Never done it before so easy instructions please lol

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15 minutes ago, Dan1980 said:

That sounds about right .. yes had reading of 0 but heard vision helps with sheeting etc. 

Ok will lay off the additives.. 

What's the best way to remove the air lock. Never done it before so easy instructions please lol

Its probably the pump that is gummed up with that residue.

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If it were me, I’d want to make sure my tank wasn’t gummed up otherwise anything else you do is going to get quickly undone if it’s full of gloop in the bottom. Once I was confident my tank was clear, I’d clean or replace the hoses that run from the tank to the pump and pump to hose reel. I’d also strip down the pump and clean it out thoroughly. You learn a lot about how it all works this way. Only then would I fire it all up again. 

As far as airlocks are concerned, one of the big problems I’ve come across is that none of the pumps I’ve used have been good at pulling water through a large bore hose full of air to prime itself without leaving some air in the hose, which at times finds its way into the pump chamber. And this is where it causes problems. An example of this is our heart. If air gets in there we drop dead. It’s designed to pump liquid not air.

The key for me lay in the fact that if the pump can’t push water at a rate of 5 litres/minute  (the open flow rating of many pumps) through a pole hose why feed it with such a large bore hose In the first place. Mine was being fed with a 13mm ID hose and I used to get no end of airlock problems. So I replaced it with 8mm ID hose. Both the Sureflo and backpack styled pumps I’ve used have had no problem priming when setup this way. This was what worked for me anyway. It may be of help to you.

Another tip is to disconnect your pump from the hose reel when priming it and make sure if you have a waterstop fitting on the hose to open it by fitting a spare male connector into it

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@Dan1980 you aren't supposed to dose your tank at every fill otherwise you will get issues maybe only 2 times a week if you are doing  a full 5 day week, do as others have suggested above a pump ain't that hard to take apart and clean just 3 screws and carefully lift away the diaphragm could be all gunked up. 

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All that hard work and expense to create pure water, then people put **** in (yes, I'm calling it **** it's my opinion) and it clogs everything up 🤦‍♂️ I did actually buy vision when I first switched but luckily came to my senses before I put it in. It went in the bin.

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