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300gpd fliter system taking 3 days to fill my 1000 litre ibc

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Hi everyone. Iv seen alot on this forum in the past year and just getting to the end of my set up. Now my problem is my 300gpd is not filling my ibc tank in almost 3 days. There is a constant flow coming from the waste pipe. And am i right to have the blue switch beside the 2 ro filters closed. As the instructions stated open and flush for 60 seconds to clear filters.

Any help appreciated

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Clearview Lee

I changed my filters over last week and had this same issue. Whereas previously been fine - a full day to fill up roughly. I just thought there must be a pressure issue somewhere, so I just disconnected the whole RO filters and pipes and put them together again, and that actually  sorted mine. 

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34 minutes ago, ched999uk said:

What pressure do you have going into the RO?

Could be a partial air lock, I'd say. I'd bleed it through progressively from the upstream (inlet side).

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