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Internal WFP window cleaning

David Blackman-Wells

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David Blackman-Wells

Good morning fellow window cleaners I’ve been asked to clean some internal windows for an existing customer which are fairly high up I did point out that I’d not normally use WFP to clean internal windows bearing in mind that it’s a sports hall and the water will run down onto the floor , he said that he’d have a member of staff coming along behind me with a mop and bucket to clear any excess water up . Would you still do the work and would you ask them to sign a disclaimer, if the disclaimer is the route to take were can I download one preferably free or do I just make one up myself . Thanks in advance .David .

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Or use a squeegee from the ground. We have a customer like this. The windows are 30' high and we use an applicator and 0 degree Unger swivel squeegee.


We have 2 old Unger teleplus poles and an slx40 which I remove the brush head and fit a Gardiner taper cone adaptor to;


The first Unger pole has the applicator, my slx 40 the squeegee and the second Unger pole a Fixi Clamp with a cloth for detailing.



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David Blackman-Wells

Ok guys thanks for the feed back he’s going to get his own staff to  do it as he thought I’d do it as a freebie and not charge any extra !

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