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Quoting first house for Clearing


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Got my first house to quote for my SkyVac Atom. MyBuilder.com says £4 per meter, from what I've read that seems steep. I counted my steps walking around the guttering and counted 48 steps with 6 downpipes. There was some grass and flowers I could see in the gutter, it'll be filled with stuff from what they said. The customer is a window customer and I quoted her between £130 to £160. Its a 4 bed semi, but very sprawling with a lot of gutter and a lot of muck in the gutters. wondered how you folks would go about quoting, what you may quote and if I'm overcharging.

Many thanks

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It's only overcharging if you don't get the job or you don't do it properly. It should only take you a couple of hours, even allowing for the odd blocked downpipe. If she says go ahead then try and do it for the £130 and she''ll think you've done her a favour. If it's a proper pita then £160 will be money well earned.

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Without pictures it’s difficult to say there are so many variables but £130-160 sounds reasonable. Ime guessing that’s the ball perk figure we would be in for that type of property.

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I would try to stick to the £130 as you will be slower as it's first real go. Obviously don't tell custy that 🙂 

She will be happy as you are charging lower end of your quote and you will have gained experience.

You may well get recommendations from her or maybe even ask for a FaceBook/Google review - suggest to her that she doesn't mention price as you charged her the price for a valued customers 🙂 not any person you don't know.

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