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Recommended Brush for Cleaning Van with WFP


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Looking at using my CLX-4 (which is TBH somewhat under-used) for cleaning my van.

I just wondered what sort of brush I should use - since I don't want to scratch the paintwork. 


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Then I wouldn't use a wfp brush as it will scratch your van buy a decent set up of two buckets a decent shampoo and a wash mitt for bodywork and cheap sponge for wheels and tyres. 

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15 hours ago, dazmond said:

I use a flocked brush for cleaning my van and car....its the only time i use my CLX4......

Thanks Daz. I called Gardiners & they also recommended a flocked brush.

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i cant see any scratches on my van because its white and i clean it every week with WFP...... but i can see light swirl marks on my golf GTD in bright sunshine(its dark blue)but its a lease car....its going back next year so im not bothered about a few scratches.....👍

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13 hours ago, steve garwood said:

You shouldn’t clean any vehicle paint work using WFP brushes full stop. Microfibre mitts are what’s suitable 

Ye, even them flocked brushes that are sold as car wash brushes are no good also a car detailed once told me. 

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