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Red 6mm braided hose


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Hi everyone.   I've trawled through the search facility but can't seem to find the info I need.

There's 100m of red 6mm braided hose for sale at Pure Freedom at a very reasonable price.   

Is it a similar spec to the 'Streamline lite' hose which I've used and is yellow ?. .  I really like the hose as I find it very flexible and hard wearing.

I know I could buy the yellow stuff again but quite like the red match with my CLX pole.


If it's not similar, could anybody recommend hose that is 'red' and almost identical spec..

Sorry for being picky🤣👍

Many thanks....Andrew




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It shrank when I put hot water through it. PF didnt believe it till I took it in and they measured it. They sorted the problem immediately when they found out I was correct

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First thing I would check would be the ID & OD of your yellow hose and then look for a red braided hose with the same specs. Outside of that the only way to know whether it's as good as you current hose is to buy some and try it.

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I only use a facelift lite boy backpack which just pumps out cold water so hopefully I wouldn't have the issue of it shrinking.

I might give PF a ring tomorrow to find out what their take on it is.

It might be worth a gamble .  Thank you for the help lads👍


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