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Soft wash on house help please


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can you tell me what chemicals and equipment you guys use for washing houses ?? 

I usually pressure wash mine but have seen some great results with the pole system


thanks in advance 

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Using hypo for cleaning is not something that should be taken lightly and a couple of paragraphs on hear won’t give you the knowledge or safe working practises that are needed . Try and get some experience by going out with someone that’s experienced and actually knows what they are doing rather than think they know how to do it , or try and go on a course to learn the basics . Ime not trying to be unhelpful but hypo can be dangerous stuff if you don’t know what you are doing , and from your question it’s obvious that you don’t have any knowledge of softwashing . 

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scottish cleaning service
44 minutes ago, Peeler said:

Thanks, I thought it was just a pole with cleaning agents, I’ll stick to my pressure washer I only help out existing customers 

I did a small bit of softwashing today for a customer who allows me to fix things when I'm there cleaning windows. I don't charge for it as its all part of the service. I like to check it out next month when I return to clean their windows again.

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