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Best squeegee & blade

Patrick Flaherty

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Hi trad guys,


I am mainly wfp ( no jokes please !!!) but do sometimes trad bits and pieces.....In your humble opinions, what do you consider is the best Squeegee & blade and why ????

I have Moerman and Unger in use at the moment...


Thank you 

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2 hours ago, danzlfc said:

Moerman liquidator with razr red rubber for me, reason being It means I don’t need to detail at all ?

I second that. Detailing is only need on the occasional window. I was a moerman sceptic before as the only reviews online that I found were by people who were obviously being payed by moerman, however I do think it is a very good channel. The excelerator handle is very good for pole work also 

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I’m a mix of wfp and traditional. For a wide body squeegee sorbo are brilliant. For swivel the moerman excelerator is good but the wagtail high flyer is even better. For normal squeegee the unger ergotec with s plus channel. 

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I’ve tried loads of different blades over the years but always end up back to the good old s channel. I use ungers s plus along with their ergoteh handle. I ding many others too big and clunky. 

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On 26/08/2020 at 07:54, danzlfc said:

Moerman liquidator with razr red rubber for me, reason being It means I don’t need to detail at all ?

Same, its worth the money ?

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I think I have used nearly every type every made at this stage ffs, imo the moerman 2.0 handle is by far the best on the market without question. I used that with 22 ettore brass channel with Ettore master rubber is fantastic, very little detailing and not as much burn out on the ends as you get with the liquidator. I would have an Unger S plus channels above the Liquidator channel any day, just my opinion. Been trying the new moerman medium blue out and it's not bad. Would love to try the Unger green in 22 also but not sure if that is available.

I use a 36 and 42 unger ninja with ninja handle and I would lost without it for big commercial jobs, unger rubber too which is ok. Sorbo stuff stuff is excellent, so well made but the imo spc rubber is awful, awful, awful. I currently have about 30 of them in the attic as I just gave up on them & you are hamstrung with the shape of the rubber. Sorbo has recently come out with a revised rubber which is meant to be much better apparently.

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I use Moerman, and have for last three to four years, so am used to the tool. As for rubber, usually Unger soft and/or Razr red. And do not have any problems. But as the rubber is extruded in manufacture, there may be a rare occasion when you get a poor piece. So be wary of thinking a particular brand you bought is poor just by trying it once.

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