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430ppm tap water 😱


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Just received my HM digital TDS meter. I’ve been using a cheap one off ebay for some time now, which has been reading my tap water as 270ppm. Just tried my new HM digital TDS meter in the same water and it measures 430ppm! Could this be correct? That’s a HUGE difference 🤦🏼‍♂️

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One of them probably is, and I would expect the digital one is more likely to be. However your tap ppm can change, mine changes from low 200's up to nearly 400, and is usually around 300. 

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There was a supplier who I think is now stop trading. He told he bought these cheep TDS meters in bulk and the issue with them is you find rust on the battery terminals when you pull the cap off. He would just clean them with alcohol and then sell them. He had no qualms doing that even though he knew the readings were not accurate. 

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