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Speed controller not running under 50%


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Hi guys, 

I wonder if you could help me... I have recently bought a digital speed controller off of eBay for my pump. However, after hooking it up I can scroll through the percentage from 50% to 100% but nothing below 50. This is frustrating as I really want to be running it a lot lower. 

Confusingly, when you hit menu it runs through 5 presets, including 20%, 30% and even 1%, but it doesn't apply it to the pressure and I can't see anyway to select those presets. 

Has anyone else had a similar experience or know of a work around? 



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Unfortunately you only get what you pay for. No experience with what you've bought but most things are cheap for a reason.

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Try recalibrating it, outside of that just go with the flow literally and metaphorically, the faster the water comes through the faster you can work and the faster you'll finish.

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Have you measured the voltage output?

You might find that either the voltage is too low to run your pump when below 50% or the controller can't supply enough current to start the pump running below 50%.

That said 50% seems a very specific number! Contact the seller and ask if it's faulty.

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