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M8 60mm Shield anchor bolts

johnny bravo

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Start with a smaller bit as a pilot to prevent the brickwork face from shearing off or splitting. Perhaps 5mm then go to 6 or 7mm. Step up in size carefully till you have the size you need. Depending on what fixing you will be using. You can use rawlpugs but coachscrews that will screw directly into brickwork or concrete with a socket spanner are a better job (screwfix, b&q etc). 🙂

Edit :apologies, I read your post again and see you have the fixings sorted. Tis too early for my brain cell to function properly. Bolts going right through the wall as you're doing would be a far better job 😊

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cheers, yes pilot holes first,   looking at masonary drill bits , it looks like a 14mm  drill bit.   seems big but they seem same size roughly,    plus they need a tiny bit of room to open and expand.      a job for the weekend.

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