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Lithium Ion Backpack

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Searched everywhere for a small Lithium Ion Backpacks and can't find one have these stopped being made? I've got a Facelift Lite Boy but the charger has a break in the wiring has anyone got a charger? I've still got 3 good batteries I use this a lot for applying detergent Gardiner says using chemicals in their units invalidate the warranty even though they are chemical sprayers in fact other suppliers encourage the use of chemicals you still need a machine to apply the TFR.






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Window cleaning warehouse sell the charger to the backpacks as a spare part. If you want a pump for chemicals look up DA components - they sell a resistant pump for chemicals suitable for backpacks.

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Thanks I had some spare batteries off them as for chemicals Gardiner void their warranty if you've used chemicals that's rubbish as Ive used their backpacks for 8 years these machines are chemical sprayers. 

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Lithium Ion and water are like semtex,

I've had Lithium ion batteries in Karcher floor scrubber dryers but would most definitely not one one anywhere near backpacks or trolley systems. 

I've always found that they are extremely volatile and suffer with memory effect shortening their lifespan 

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