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Just got a new Genie, 2.7kva Honda, just a couple of questions:-

1 . Cant see it in the manual but anyone know the how much needed to fill the tank plus I read somewhere its best before use to fill run for 20 hours or  so and then drain is that true? 

2. If true how much petrol would I need to complete that? 

3. I may need to run an extension lead at times I trust this is ok and if so would it just be an ordinary type of line you would use like powering tools etc?

Lastly the manual stresses do not use in wet conditions obviously to avoid electric shock, but are there ways around that and still stay safe?


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I have discovered answers on extension leads etc and with the fuel suck it and see I suppose, just not sure about the oil would be grateful for any insight on this

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Quite often they have a sight glass to see the oil level. No idea how much oil you need though.

My guess on the 20 hrs is that after you have used it for about 20 hrs change the oil. Reason being is that after manufacture the parts need to bed into one another and will shed small metal fragments. The oil holds these so changing after 20hrs use is good to clean it out.

I don't think they mean let it run doing nothing for 20 hrs to run it in, that would be very bad for the engine. To run in you need small load at first then varying load but not up to max before it has a few hrs on if you get the idea? Load is wattage, ie dont run it at 2.7kva straight away, give it a few hrs on lower load.

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Ah brilliant thanks Ched, I thought that might be the case re running it that long, there isnt a view glass so will have to guess and top up. When you say don't run it at full at the start do you know how do to control that?  

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