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Winter water fed pole tank


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Hi good afternoon hope you all well and families,and keeping safe.

Winter soon be coming round my first winter as window cleaner for the clothing attire sorted. What about the water tank in van I had a thought of using a 500w submersible aquarium tank heater ,also so it keeps hot for longer wrap emerson heater tank jackets around tank.

What's fellow cleaners thoughts as don't want  expensive costs to fix systems.


Thanks chaps 


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A lot of people swear by putting an oil filled rad in the van overnight. 

Personally ive fitted a tap on my tank so when it’s going to be really cold I just turned the tap off and put the pumps on full to push as much water out of my hoses as possible. Then just cover the reels and controllers with an old sleeping bag in case there’s a small amount of water left in them. I also take my poles in as the univalves can freeze and battery out as the cold won’t do it any favours

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Not really had a problem the last couple of years. I doubt the water in a tank in your van will freeze. A few years back I used to store 25litre containers outside my house with pure. Even in the coldest weather they only ever froze at the top by a couple of mm.. As TWC says do what he does drain down hoses.

If it really is freezing conditions if you're using cold you may find 07.00hrs - midday the water can freeze when it hits the glass, afternoons and it will be o as the temp will have gone up a few degrees. Been a while since it was that cold though.

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