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Storage Hack - Equipment bags


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A very good afternoon all, 

I hope you are all well and have had a good day.

Many of you that know of me or follow my builds, ideas, and methods of adapt and overcome will know I'm always searching for equipment or ways to solve a problem.

This may not be of use to a few of you but here's my back story.

I will be moving shortly and wanted a way to store my abundance of traditional window cleaning poles, dusting poles, broom and mop handles including spare water fed poles.

I came across these storage bags by thinking outside of the box so to speak.

They may also be great for Gutter vacuum poles & pressure washing lances



These are Forza football training slalom pole bags which are just over 6 feet in length and 12 inches wide.

Available on Amazon.co.uk 

For £17.98 each 





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