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Advice on first commercial property


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Hi guys, 

ive been doing residential part time over the last few months, really enjoyed it and hoping to go full time once it’s built up a bit more. 
Anyway, I’ve been offered a job to clean a new build barn conversion from the builders. Now the work is completed on it before putting it on the market, they want it cleaned. 
My question is, how much extra do I charge for it being a “commercial job”, rather than a normal residential clean. The job is mine, but I don’t want to over/under charge on it. How much extra do you charge to your normal residential clean? Hope this makes sense? 
cheers Jimbo 

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Hummmmmm builders clean ????? Is this removing paint , silicon , cement ?.. or just a case of wfp after the builders clean has been done there is a huge difference, we wouldn’t touch a builders clean with a barge pole , if it’s just a case of wfp the windows charge 2 or 3 times the normal clean price , if builders clean my advice would be walk away , any scratches or issues they will try and blame you . 

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Builders cleans always take 5 hours longer than you quote for.

Stickers on glass render on sills and liability waiting to bite you.

I've done a few jobs but quoted based on a physical walk around survey and created a waver and contract to do the job.

Scratched new sealed units and I refused to clean them and snagged all surfaces with post it notes while quoting and photographing everything.


It may appear somewhat over the top but look after No1 

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We all appreciate being a newbie every new job, especially first commercial, is very tempting. Sometimes it's better to say no thanks and this is one of those times.

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To properly quote a builders clean I found impossible. You just never know how long it’s going to take you!

I used to charge £200 a day back in the late 1990s. I was on a block of flats, and quoted at that price at how long it would take me. 😅 I ended up working the last 5 days for nothing! And still had to pay my little helper!! Not a nice place to be in business. 

I’d never get involved again. 

Something to bear in mind As a beginner - there are: 

1. Builders Clean

2. Re-Clean(s)

3. Final Clean(s)

I ONLY touch Final Cleans and charge £60ph.  They’re generally 4-5beds. 

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We steer clear of builders cleans and suggest that you should too. They can be really good money but the last one I priced up (1 house for £600) I didn't take on because I really didn't want it. That's why I put such a high price in and they said okay! I know to not even put a price in now.

They're really not worth the hassle. The builders will blame everything they can on you, if given the chance. Don't give them that chance!

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Thanks for all the replies gents. I really appreciate it. As far as I’m aware it’s just wfp work and the guy said it’s in good nick, just want the windows sprucing up. I’m going to take a look and if I feel it’s not right, then I won’t go with it. 
i can see from what everybody has said, that the general feeling is don’t touch it with a barge pole, so if I have any doubts at all then I will refuse the work. 
appreciate your help
cheers Jim 

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a builders clean is the only job ive EVER lost money on,


on the face of it was 1.5 days (8 hrs) quoted for 3, it took 6 days 12hrs)

its the only job that has ever cost me money, be very very careful.

I price myself out of them now because on the odd one you will strike gold on 80% do okay and on the remaining 20% lose money.

for other reasons this job is the single biggest job i ever regret taking on, (tried to save some money helping at the detriment to a missus and new baby)


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