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Nose to Glass pole


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I wouldn't myself, a short pole can be useful in tight spaces but that would have you reaching up and bending down like a squeegy jockey. I suspect it would put strain on the wrist as well.


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I've never needed one in 10 years of wfp so I'll pass on that one thanks.....👍😄


You could easily make one yourself out of an old pole if you think it would come in handy.....

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3 hours ago, JustLiam said:

Has anyone seen one of these and used one...look pretty good for ground floor and bungalows...https://www.futureofcleaning.com/products/nose-to-glass

I made one two years ago from a piece of carbon fibre pole I had from a camera gimbal extension pole. Fitted and secured a euro 22 acme thread into one end added a angle adapter and lightweight facelift brush. Great idea i thought but kills your wrists and forearms 


For the price shown you should make your own 


This is what I used.

A feiyu tech G4s electronic camera gimbal extension pole tube 


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dont waste your money the ergonomics are all wrong and they are a ball ache,

we have a xline short pole, honestly its just used for cleaning the vans


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Just get a 4ft clx from gardiner, that is that short that using it one handed will get very heavy very quickly....i always grab the clx for small single storey jobs 

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On 24/09/2020 at 16:26, JustLiam said:

I like the sound of close up cleaning at head level. Would save the shoulders lol

If you use light carbon poles you shouldn't get any shoulder problems.....I'm 50 next year and been wfp 10+ years...I have zero problems....I weight train 3 times a week to keep my body strong......

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