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Hi guys, I have a skyvac 85 on hire next week to do a fairly large commercial job, but it wasn’t that much more cash to have it for the full 7 days so I’m thinking of offering it to what are usually window cleaning customers to see if it can earn a few extra quid.

I keep seeing £4 / meter being the baseline, the commercial job is a bigger site so they’re getting a better rate but it’s still a decent earner. For an average residential job does £4 sound about right? Pricing this side of things is a bit new to me!

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We have a minimum charge of £65 for anything , I dont price by the meter a 3 bed semi is £65 and prices go up from there into hundreds or thousands of pounds depending on size a typical 3 bed semi takes less that 20 muinits  to do , we do a nursing Home every 12 weeks that’s 300 meters of 6 inch guttering takes a morning and that’s £350 . 

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You've got the vac for free now so just secure any business you can. By the sound of it you have plenty of spare time so earn and learn. £4 a metre could be ridiculously cheap or ridiculously expensive, depending on the job.

I would suggest ringing your better custys saying it would be x, if no one bites then lower it.

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