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what do you invest your money in?


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Hope it works out for you better than it did for me. My wife and I rented out her old flat and we had nothing but trouble. My brother and I had to get nasty to get the tenants out. Getting r


ISA - I get 0.0000000001 percent a year.

scottish cleaning service

I would invest in new equipment because I can see Vat hitting 25% soon to help pay for the virus. Pay off your mortgage if you have one and fit solar panels on your roof and combine them with Tesla wall storage batteries. My panels work well and save me a few bob on my energy bills each month. 😉

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On 02/10/2020 at 06:52, Cghwindowcleaning said:

Over Pay on your mortgage or move up the ladder.The rate on mortgages at the minute is really low.

Yup I agree the rates are historically low and most likely will be for a few years yet as they have been for 2 years or more now so definitely worth doing either or both of the above. 

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On 30/09/2020 at 20:16, Amazin said:

properties? Stocks&shares? Trading? I'm thinking about buying some bonds

It’s always a good time to invest in your favourite store of value, gold, silver, bitcoin, to name a few. 

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On 04/10/2020 at 08:56, CrispySquid said:

It’s always a good time to invest in your favourite store of value, gold, silver, bitcoin, to name a few. 

I wouldn't class bitcoin the same as gold or silver at all!! The latter are tangible for a start and not purely speculative


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scottish cleaning service
24 minutes ago, Mx19 said:

I wouldn't class bitcoin the same as gold or silver at all!! The latter are tangible for a start and not purely speculative


If you are going to invest in PM's then buy physical gold. I on the other hand have ordered another Falch nozzle at £1770 so I can have one for my roof lance and one for my driveway lance. It saves me a lot of time so I think it is worth it.

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19 minutes ago, P4dstar said:

Best advice on this post. Until you can find a savings account that gives you the same interest as your mortgage charges this is a no brainer.

As I don't have a mortgage I'll just have to take his 2nd bit of advice 😜

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Invest in yourself and your skills in business. If you’re good at business you’ll always have access to and have money.

training. Courses. Books. Using money to test and make mistakes.

an author said that we spend 10k a year to go uni and most don’t learn much applicable without exception of a few. Yet if you spend 3k to start a business that doesn’t succeed you’re branded a failure. If you’re half decent, you’ll learn more from that 3k ‘failure’ through direct application and doing than 10k of uni in many cases. 

other than that. Decent watches. The holy grail and sports Rolex. They track better than houses prices.

why would you want to pay off a mortgage early when it’s only costing a 1-3% per year in many cases. Inflation is around that amount so it’s no real net gain.

put that money to work in your business in marketing or hiring and expanding of you desire.

i appreciate many said about mortgages and each to their own. Each of our situations is different so I’m not saying you’re wrong but..

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11 hours ago, THL4KEL said:

Buy shares in the new Covid 19 Vaccine 

I would advise against this, I bought into one with advice from a friend that it was a cert to go up, bought at the very high and I’m down 9 grand at present. Have pumped 10 grand more into it to bring my average down.


honestly can’t wait to get out of it 😂

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Got to agree with Omega on this one. Overpaying your mortgage isn’t the best use of money for the reasons he said. 

I think the vast majority of people think all debt is bad, that’s why they want to overpay their mortgage. There is good debt, used for an investment that will grow in value or generate long term income. 

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