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New RO System advice


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Hi all

Finally going to update my ro system from my current 300gpd pure freedom setup. 

After researching on the forum it seems the best way to go is a  4021 or 4040 system which I shall probably need to add a booster pump too. I don't really have space for a 4040 so pretty  sure the 4021 will be more than sufficient as I work on my own.  

I have also taken others advice on here and looked on the Daqua website with a view to ordering from there as they come recommended.

My question is really to do with the housing that it comes with and the need for a pressure gauge.

On their website the 4040 kit comes with a stainless steel housing and does includes a pressure gauge amounst the other list of stuff its supplied with.

The 4021 however is supplied in a Champ housing which I assume is the plastic one in Doug's video and there is no pressure gauge listed as included.

So could anyone tell me the reason/benefits of the stainless steel housing over the plastic one.?

Am I right in thinking a pressure gauge is essential to get best out of the setup?

You can buy the 4021 stainless steel housing separately on the site but by the time I add that and a gauge it would end up being the same price if not more than the 4040 kit which doesn't seem good value.

Any advice before I spend my hard earned cash would be appreciated!!




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The plastic housings are no longer manufactured reason why we only sell Stainless Steel ones now. All set ups come with a pressure gauge which I feel is essential to measure the performance of your membrane.

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