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Roof cleaning — biocide treatment under solar panels


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Hi there,

We have a roof clean tomorrow which has solar panels where we won't be able to scrape underneath remove moss. We plan on spraying two loads of biocide on these particular patches of roof to compensate for it. How long should we leave it between spraying each round of biocide?


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We generally give it 30-40 muinits and a heavier dose so the moss is soaked with the mix , over a few months it will kill it all off and gradually with rain it will fall off and wash down the roof , you could also increase the strength of the mix for  that area if you wanted , @kevinc250 is the expert with theses kind of things 

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2 hours ago, ryan31688 said:

thanks! So it needs approx 30-40 mins to soak in before rainfall ideally?

If you read the instructions most say it needs 6-12 hours without rain to be effective , but Ime sure the stuff is supposed to be dead within an hour or so after application . 

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