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Advice please......... water freezing


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My first winter approaching using wfp and backpack (portable pump). I am a bit concerend that when the temperatures drop below freezing (not that it happens much in Cornwall) what do you do regarding storage of backpacks/portable pumps over night. Is it safe to leave them in the van as I was worried about the water freezing and damaging the pump.         


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I put a de-humidifier in the van overnight (which also acts as a heater). I've also stuck radiator reflector foil to the inside of the van roof in order to help keep the heat from escaping.

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You could buy a 5L heat resistant water container (saw one on Ebay or Amazon) that can take boiling hot water. Fill it up with hot water in the evening, get everything under a large duvet and it should be safe overnight. This is what I will be doing. You can add some more insulation as per above.

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35 minutes ago, Pjj said:

Just cover it up with a duvet , when I was cold water only I had the water in the tank and hose reels freeze a bit but covered the pumps and they were fine .  

My mates and I have just formed a band called Duvet.

We’re a cover band 😩😁

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