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charlie tapper

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hi , my first winter this year, how do you all prepare for the winter with freezing , raining ( rescheduling work due to rain or bad weather.- do you just delay the work from one day to the next if its raining all day?)


I am gonna get something to cover up my tank in the van.


any help/suggestions appreciated. thanks



has any one got any tips ??????????

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a quilt over the tank will help a lot, if it's not left freezing in the back for days or too severe. i just plod on at my pace and get to them when i do, very few will mind especially at this time of year. but if it's a bad frost, get what you can in the house ie pump,hose, water if you carry drums, failing that a van heater in the back

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we just work the rounds in order, if we get held up, we just start were we left off when the conditions improve. As for preparation I am trad so cant give you too much advice about WFP preparations for winter.


I carry a shovel in my van which I bought one year we had a lot of snow, it has been lying in the van for a couple of years now, but it has came in very handy the last couple of winters, especially last year. Some people keep snow tyres etc but personally I don't bother too much.


What I have found that can come in handy is to put petroleum jelly on your padlocks and clamps, even a bit on the locks of your van, and it well help stop them freezing, you should be able to get that out of Boots or Tesco.


I carry a few sets of ladder mats, that more often than not, is used when racking ladders on marble floors etc, but I have used them a few times to get the van going again when stuck in snow. Just lay them down like tracks, and you'll be off again.


Another tip is not to leave any wet gear, like applicators in the van over ***ht, or your may find you wake up to an block of ice.


Be prepared yourself for the cold winter days. Make sure you have good gloves that will keeps your hands warm and dry, a good warm jacket, and water proof boots.


To be honest though, and I touch wood when I say this, this winter hasn't been quite as hard to bear than last year, temps went down to -10c here last year, but this year it has been fairly mild. We have really only had one day of snow this year as well. We have had some pretty bad winds and the annual flooding we tent to get around Christmas, but that been it.


This winter had really just been a bit wet and windy here, which there really is't much you can do to prepare for, just make the most of the good weather while its there.

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As above, i tend to clean in the rain as much as i can unless it is torrential. windows are not effected so it is how much you can take really. Most customers are not to bothered if your not there bang on time.


When i get new customers i explain that depending on weather, other jobs etc at times we may be a week out they are all fine with it.

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cheers for the advice chip... i put that post on ages ago and was suprised i had no comments so thought i would put that other comment on !

since then when it gets cold i store it in a garage over ***ht when cold with heater on and got a few sleeping bags over everythin so its nice and cosy !!


cheers agen

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Guest badbusdriver

Sorry Charlie, must have missed the post. Hope you have managed pretty well so far though.


A lot of windies talk of putting a quilt over the tank, but personally, im not sure how much good that would do unless the water already warm. Lets face it, the entire tank aint gonna freeze up, just a layer on top, but seeing as the outlet is on the bottom that isnt worth getting stressed about. A quilt is an insulator, so if the water already cold, a quilt will just keep it cold!.

In my opinion, the main points to worry about are your hose AND reel (the pressurised plastic tube in the centre of the reel can easily crack), so make sure you empty the water out of your hoses, or as much as you can, this will reduce the possibility of ice forming inside. The hose where the water is drawn out of the tank is also going to be prone to freezing up, so try to make it as short as possible, this will make it easier to thaw out (though that might be a bit late now?). If you you have a r/o system in your van, that is going to need looking after, you dont want that freezing up. If possible, have your r/o, or if you have di, like me, have it set up so it can be removed easily, same with the pump.

I have my set up like this, if it looks like it is going to be really cold, i can remove my pump, di vessel and hose reel fairly easily, and put them in the house (if you cant put them in the bath, put some cardboard down!). I have been thinking about buying a small gas heater for my van, but have been holding back because of ventilation concerns, that is something else you could look at. If you have a driveway, that is definately the easiest, as you can run out an extension lead with a small electric heater.


As for working, you just have do what you can when you can, there isnt really any rules, but bear in mind that with wfp there isnt really an issue with working in the rain, certainly if it is light. Some of your customers may be unhappy about it, but others wont be bothered, swings and roundabouts there!. If it is very cold, like frost on the ground cold, try to keep your water flowing. If you turn off the water, it wont take much for your hose to freeze up, believe me, i know!. I tell my customers when i take them on, that due to weather, and my being per calander month, im unlikely to be on the same day of the week, or even the same date, so that gives me an element of freedom to work round weather. The fact that my round isnt that big, compared to some, also reduces the pressure on me to get out there on days which it may not be sensible to do so!.

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cheers for the advice chip... i put that post on ages ago and was suprised i had no comments so thought i would put that other comment on !

since then when it gets cold i store it in a garage over ***ht when cold with heater on and got a few sleeping bags over everythin so its nice and cosy !!


cheers agen


How did we miss that one way back on August, sorry about that. ;)

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