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Can anyone recommend a vendor that will sell me a complete pump board

Lame Perk

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7 hours ago, Lame Perk said:

I'm looking for a shurflo pump and spring V16. Also a liesure battery if it's a good deal.


Many thanks.

One of the biggest pitfalls new window cleaners to wfp make is to look for good deals as these are mostly price related.

You are looking for a class A or class B leisure battery. If you are going the electric reel route then you need to consider a battery that has a CCA rating. Numax have always done us proud.

My current leisure battery is a flooded Oldham leisure battery I got from our local motor factors. It's 6 years old.

 Very few battery manufacturers will give a warranty on a battery used for window cleaning so you have to carry your own risk. This is not a purchase you make on price. You make it on quality and expect to pay more. A good quality smart leisure battery charger is also paramount to battery longevity.

A Shurflo pump and Spring controller are both quality components. 👍

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Thanks for everyone's help. 


I specifically found a really good deals on a board mounted shurfllo pump and V16 pump ready to mount.


Like a numpty I didn't book mark.

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