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1 controller to run 2 pumps?


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Hi all, just wondering whether it is possible to run two pumps from one controller, currently got 1 man set up so upgrading to 2 man and just seeing if i can cut some costs on the upgrade??

Thanks in advance


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Not really as most controllers have Dead End detection which relies on current measurement. Trying to use 2 pumps will 'confuse' the controller plus if one person shuts off their water/pole/univalve then all the water the pump is pumping ends up coming out of 1 brush!!!

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Hi Paul

I was away for a few days last week hence the slow response. In theory you could run two pumps from one controller BUT I would not recommend it

1. Closing the valve on one pole Dead ends both pumps

2. The controller is max rated to 10amps (15a for the newer V16) so if you have two 8amp pumps you would your getting close to the max amp rating of the single controller.

3. IF one pole is working at a higher level than the other EG Ground floor and second floor. The pump working on the higher floor will be under more load and you could see both pumps cycling on off and flow effected.

Best would be to run one controller per pump as this gives two independent systems. This means you can both work at different flow rates and have different set up on the controllers to suit the pumps


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