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Watching a nutter on a diy rated ladder

Dave B

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Neil.. Lancashire
40 minutes ago, Dave B said:

As above.. got a deathwish.

He put it against the wall and jumped up and down a bit to make sure it's safe.

Asked where the ladders from.. b&q.

wouldn't want to fall with that saw going lol.

Very scary!

Somebody doing it themselves to save paying for a professional I'm thinking.

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Ignoring the fact he hasn't got 3 points of contact, he also hasn't got eye or face protection on either. If something flew of and hit him in the face it would make him fall backwards.

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1 hour ago, steve garwood said:

I was up my ladder today putting up a cinema poster.

A lady walking by shouted up “is King Kong coming?”

I said “No it’s just the paste from my brush” 😁

It took me a couple of minutes to get that one. 😁

Fair play! Some of the best ones are the ones you have to think about. 😁

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13 hours ago, Dave B said:

Yes mate.

I hope his measuring is spot on otherwise it's going to be an expensive mistake as the wall I'm guessing the wall will be a bout 1ft thick of solid brick.

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