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Cleaning outside of gutters with hypo


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Morning all,


I have a gutter cleaning job coming up, we’ll be doing the standard clearance using our GVS predator and also cleaning the outside of the gutters with WFP and pure water.


Some of the gutters are pretty dirty with ingrained stains so we were thinking to apply a 1% hypo mix using a gardener backpack - apparently the Ionics system which is great for cleaning gutters is just 1% hypo - can anyone confirm this?


Also will using hypo (even 1% mix) on white or black pvc discolour it? 


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A 1% mix shouldn’t discolour plastic we use 2-4 % on plastics and the higher end will discolour some , but it will revert back to white after 2-12 hours , just go carefully on anodised aluminium frames as this is what happened tk me on a job but it’s the first time that ever happened 




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