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Which Water heater

Guest colinvansmith

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Guest colinvansmith

Hi all, With winter fast approaching im thinking of buying a water heater for my wfp firstly, where is the best place to buy one and what is the best type to buy?


Are they worth the money as surely even if hot water is used to clean the windows will the drips left on the window not just freeze as soon as you move on to the next house.



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Hot water freezes quicker than Cold water.

If it's freezing in your tank and hoses, its too cold to work. Full stop.

If it's not freezing in your tanks, but you're cleaning in a freezing environment I'd use cold water over warm.


Simple solution if you ask me pal.

Hot water WILL freeze faster. But as I said, if it's going to freeze a some point, then I wouldn't bother.

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It is boiling water that has been left to cool which freezes quicker,if you use hot it is advisable not to go above 10oC of the temperature of the environment.

Example Air 5 oC water 15oC

If I have work that needs to be in below freezing temperatures I fill a few 25 L containers with warm water,I have said before cheap Vodka is good as an additive.

Gas fired boiler same as you put in a caravan with a low pressure.Hot water is great for first cleans but working in cold conditions best off drinking the Vodka and staying at home in the warm

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Guest colinvansmith

lol, cheers guys. I found a website that sells parifin greenhouse heaters for around £30, do you reckon its worth buying one to use in my van to keep it above freezing over ***ht, where i live doesn't allow me to be able to connect a heater to a power supply, from what i've read the heater will go for three days when filled up. Are they enough to keep the water from freezing in my water tank?



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Tried that it just made my van smelly also it gives off a lot of moisture that sticks to roof of van which drops off when you drive.

last year used a quilt it was ok,Brodex who sold me wfp system suggested a caravan gas heater.


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I've been thinking of using the long greenhouse heaters. A 4 foot one is about £35 and is only 180 watt (3 old light bulbs). I have a tank (650 ltr) in my shed which is raised of the ground with a space underneath which I shall be able to slide the heater into (heat rises etc). Obviously much insulation will be put around the tank itself. My plan is to just stop it from freezing along with the ro, di, pump etc.


A friend dropped a couple of fish tank heaters in his van tank last year which was supposedly successful.


Always ready to learn. Comments appreciated

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