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Payments from commercial work


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So I've done a fair few of commercial work in the past, payments have been straight forward. Either cash or online bank transfer. 

I have done some work for a building company recently, and their saying that they need my tax code to pay me through the Payee system. Which I thought was weird because Im not an employee of the company.. 

Given them my utr code and there is an "issue" with it, so their unable to process the payment. 

I've asked if they can pay by cheque, transfer, cash. But have said that their unable to. 

Should I press for payment asking for one of the above payments to head office? 

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Their is a requirement of work that falls into the construction industry where they keep 20% back to pay your tax liability. You shouldn't fall into this bracket, I assume you have invoiced them.

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They have contracted or subbed you in to do a job for them so all they have to do is pay the invoiced amount for the job(s) as for the tax implications on their side it's up to them to pay what is due at their end

My old accountant mentioned something years ago when I first started doing builders cleans I was subbed in by another cleaning company there is something about tax on new builds or something but he did say the contractor not the contracted should ensure everything is done as it should be at their end, as you aren't an employee of theirs you have been sub contracted in to do a job for them

They are either giving you the run around or don't have a clue what they are doing or should be doing.

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