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Three man trad team


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On 08/11/2020 at 16:52, TartanTarzan said:

I've heard a squad of three can get through double the work of a two-man team. Does anyone have experience of this? Cheers

I wouldn't be mixing households to get the job done as you put it.

Do the hypothetical 3 people all live together?

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9 hours ago, Teddington Window Cleaners said:

Ive worked in three man teams, we would do streets and streets of terraced houses, only travel was to the cafe 🙂

Did that sort of work do your head in?


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On 13/11/2020 at 19:16, Pjj said:

I agree but that’s half the problem to much talking and not enough work 😂😂😂

I've watched 3 lads in the past clean a house over the road from me the gaffer was using a trad pole and the two lads one on a ladder and the other doing the downstairs would pause between cleaning to talk, I could have wfped the whole house by the time it took them the 3 of them to clean the front and side of the house and been halfway through my next job in time they faffed about. 

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Hubby has always had at least 2 lads with him, sometimes 3 . That way theres always one who can go and do cleaning of on spec insides and having 3 can cover for a man down through illness or holiday,theres no letting the diary slide when theres a crew .

More you can have the better cope with a big workload 

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I have a couple days a week where we work in a 3. We have 2 of us doing ups and 1 doing the downs and invoicing and it works really well, just need to make sure everyone is always busy and nobody is waiting around 😀

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The most efficient is one man per van. Doubling up is ok, but three in a van gets difficult.

You need allot of very compact work, and odd ones that would normally be prefectly fine for a single operator, is nuts to show up to with three guys.

Obviously the vans are expensive, and eats away allot of profit. So doubling up isnt a bad idea, but I prefer working on my own. So I run two seperate vans.

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