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Strange internal clean...


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Need help!

I was cleaning the inside windows at one of my houses today. I’ve been cleaning this house for about a year and do the insides every 3 months. Never had any problems before.

But today, while I was cleaning the insides, after I had mop and bladed the glass, It all looked good and clean. But then 10-15 seconds later, it started to fog up and smears started appearing. When I looked closely, lots of the smears were in a kind of snowflake pattern.

This was happening on almost every window. Has anybody got any ideas what is going on? I’ve had to leave the job and tell him I’ll come back the weekend once I know what’s happening. Kind of unprofessional I know, but I didn’t know what was going on.

(Also, I was using a fresh scrim and tried changing rubber in squeegee but no difference)

Thanks for any help 

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It’s probably always been there but now with colder days it’s showing up we have a commercial building we do and this time of year it looks like a lattice effect on the glass but doesn’t show up in warmer months , I think it’s something that was put on the glass to protect it after manufacturing it’s like some sort of glue that’s left  marks but you cannot feel anything it’s almost like it’s etched the surface of the glass . 

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I call it ghosting marks,  it can happen at the time the glass is made (if this is the case nothing you can use to solve the issue.)

 It happens from time to time with left over adhesive from shipping the windows that wasn't fully removed during the construction clean. It also happen on some exterior window on larger buildings from suction cups and vinyl stickers. What has work for me at times is add a bit isopropyl alcohol to your water and using a white scrubby pad or bronze wool to scrub the window. But make sure there is no tint on the glass because the combination ruin tinted windows quick.

I hope this helps.

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