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Gutters with brushes in


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I'm going to quote a house tomorrow that has brushes in the gutters. I asked the customer if she wants brushes removed but she said she's not sure what to do with them yet and will discuss it with me tomorrow. Surely I'd have to remove it all to properly clear the gutters? Might she want it put back after? It's my first time dealing with brushes in gutters, any experience any of you have had with them would be great to hear.


Many thanks


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33 minutes ago, Part Timer said:

Don't touch it unless they're removed, you cannot clear the gutters properly with them in. Tell her to remove them and schedule an annual clean. 

Thank you. Should I offer to remove them and charge her extra for it? I guess they must be clipped on

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We always suggest removing them we won’t take on a job to remove clean and replace them , having binned hundreds of meters of them over the years Ime 100% sure they are a waist of time , if they don’t want them permanently removed we won’t take the job on , there is more work out there than you can shake a stick at so we won’t do that type of job 

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20 minutes ago, Ednic said:

Thank you. Should I offer to remove them and charge her extra for it? I guess they must be clipped on

I would just up the quote price for the extra time , also be aware when lifting them out the gutters they will be dripping filth down the gutters and all over any paths so if they want that washing off it’s all extra time . We bag them up and leave them on site for the dustman as well .

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