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Brushes im tempted i could be mad for trying


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2 hours ago, tench0771 said:

Good old Richard 🀣🀣 

At the time it was serious but now I just look back and chuckle to myself. I still do wonder what happened to him. Is he still working cleaning windows or what? I've asked on the forums but no one seems to know, or perhaps they don't want to know.

He was the epitomy of a person who knew everything and if you had a opinion different to his then you were wrong. He reminds me of my wife sometimes. πŸ˜‚

I have a T shirt daughter in law bought for me in Spain. "I don't need Google, my wife knows everything."

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1 hour ago, Martyn said:

I remember the one pass wonder brush, did anyone ever get one?

Yes; me. I bought one on the back of another windies recommendation.

I found it Wednesday evening in a container of bits and bobs I'd forgotten about. Boy is it heavy. When I weighed it, it weighed much more than Richard said it did - inferring my scale was wrong. He was always right and if you had a different opinion then you were wrong.

I was using a CLX22 pole at the time and it reminded me of my Vikan oval on my Unger Ali Teleplus pole in the early days. This aerial brush was just too heavy. It made me appreciate the lite weight of the Superlites from Gardiners.

No way was that a one pass brush without a separate rinse if you were doing the job properly. If Richard was a one pass wonder then his customer's were paying for poor results.

I used to do a single floor council office building with an attached children's center. I did it once a month over a weekend. I used to try different cleaning methods with different brushes and different flow rates on certain 'test' windows. I spend enough time cleaning the rest of the building to let those test windows dry and inspect the results.

A one pass no rinse with any brush didn't work for me being on the coast and affected with salt sea spray on the windows. I did once help a cleaner with a broken down van with his round which was a good deal inland and not affected by the salt air of the coast. His windows were much easier to clean, but I doubt one pass would be good enough either.

Richards shop was in Leicester if I recall correctly, so I did wonder if his one pass brush worked further inland from the coast. But then I keep thinking about the amount of bits that always gets left behind which his brush didn't remove either. What he do about them. He told me my was flow was too low. A high flow rate didn't remove them either, only lifting off to rinse did. Did he just leave those bits when he cleaned his customer's windows?

He was the only window cleaner supplier who posed as different people at the same time. I can't remember some of the other names he used. If you have a question I will ask Richard and get his answer. It all seemed a bit strange to me but Alex Gardiner figured it out and outed him.

He then deleted all his posts but couldn't delete the ones we had quoted when responding to posts originally.

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Im also on theΒ  coast and 1 pass would lose all my customers πŸ™ˆπŸ˜¬ i liked his newest brush as it was liter but i had 3 brushes bend like bananas he replaced one and then the replacement bent πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Think he was on ciu under a different name and was ment to be the go between and would pass messeges on to richard but got rumbled πŸ™ˆπŸ€£

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3 minutes ago, tench0771 said:

i for got about acs what happend to that forum last i saw lee burgees or what ever he was called took over from njones !!

It kind of petered out, shame it was a good forum for a while with some "interesting" charecters, Lee never put any effort into it.

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