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in-line sprayer

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scottish cleaning service
12 hours ago, Pjj said:

I made this up for roofs it’s brilliant you arnt holding any weight just go up the roof then keep going sideways back and forward coming down  the roof ,I have two nozzles on it and it’s good for any chemical application 

Looks great, just wonder what its like pushing it up the roof and bumping up all the tiles?

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16 hours ago, scottish cleaning service said:

Seems alright but we all have wfp so best just to use that and you can fit a sprayer attachment instead of the brush. Just remember to rinse it out after use. 😉

Where did you but your spray nozzle from @Pjj?

It’s nothing like pjs now that they make. It’s all plastic, I have one. D A components one is much better. 

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4 minutes ago, Jango said:

It’s nothing like pjs now that they make. It’s all plastic, I have one. D A components one is much better. 

I have a garden spray modified with ez fitting. Then an old pole with sprayer attachments on and a trigger running on the outside of the old pole. It does the job just fine, but like Pjj said you do have to keep pumping the canister. I use it fir gutter cleans, canny roofs etc. Cheap option. 
I have since bought a nozzle to fit on pole, but kept going with the above instead 😳

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On 10/01/2021 at 14:36, Den said:

Made this a few of years back out of spares I already had brush socket and a couple of jets.

or you couple just buy the jet connector of Gardiners.




Is your MK2 version going to have bristles on? Then we would all buy one of them. 

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Me and kevinc250 were working on an idea a while ago which was effective.

Using a cheap peristaltic pump and a few fittings you can have your 5l drum of chems etc in the van.

Turn on the pump and the way it was set up it would change flow along with the wfp pump so you set it to what you want and it injects the chems in to the reel hose after the wfp pump.

Flick a switch and back to just pure.

Was a very good idea and even had one that Kevin made for me in a box with wfp pump etc for a trolley I built.

Had a 2l bottle on side of trolley to hold hypo etc.

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