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Which spring controller

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I’m looking at buying two new spring controllers. Are they all much the same or is there anything specific I should be looking for?

I’ve always used cheaper PWM controllers in the past but lost one in the recent cold weather. Are the spring controller as susceptible to the cold weather? 

Any recommendations gratefully received 

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10 hours ago, Pjj said:

The v11 is very good and a cheaper option will do all you need .

The V11 has certainly been an old faithful. But I would opt to pay a little more for the V16 just for circuit protection if nothing else.

My favourite 'trick' would be to reverse polarity if I had to take the battery out of the van to recharge it. Like putting the wrong fuel in the car. Having that extra protection would be worth it for me.

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12 hours ago, Pjj said:

The v11 is very good and a cheaper option will do all you need .

Only a £10 note difference between the two though. 

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