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19 hours ago, Dt 20 said:

Best place to design leaflets for saying you have cleaned. Your windows then your payment deals? 

When I say the topic title I was going to reply “through the letter box”

The girl who designed & printed my normal leaflets & cards also did my payment slips. Very easy though. If you have a mediocre computer, printer and basic skills you could design one and print off a couple of hundred yourself. Mine are only 6 inches by 6 inches. 

If not just search out a local independent leaflet/printing company. Support a local business this year rather than a big national online printing company. 

And yeah mine is Business name at the top in a blue bar white writing,

(Then understand black writing on white background)

Hello, sorry I missed you, your windows, frames & doors were cleaned today............. (then I right there day on the dotted bar)

Please make the payment of ......... (write price) within the next 7 days. Thank you very much!

Payment options:

*Pay by bacs
 blah blah blah

*or send a cheque to blah blah blah to blah blah blah.

Nice and simple 👍 have your contact details on the bottom, number email and a friendly “thanks again and see you soon” or something.

Oh on the back, I decided to remind them of the other services I offer. Before I had a plain back, and if it lands up side down it can look blank and rubbish.
So I’ve just said “remember I don’t just clean windows, I also offer” then just 4 or 5 simple bullet points on the back.
Ill Always remember THE SECOND day after adding them on the back, a customer text me saying “Hi Ryan just paid etc, and yes can you clean all the gutters and fascias next time” was a big £200 Job.
I can’t work out if he still didn’t know I offered that despite it being on my van & leaflets, or it was just the little push he needed to get it done. 




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