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Coolest customers car.


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Just for fun, what is the coolest car any of your customers (past or present) has owned?

I'm going to kick it off with;

c1929 Bentley Speed Six.

1940s Kubel Wagen.

Multiple Ferrari's (kept in a secret location that I never got to visit)😪


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Don’t get me started on this subject , we have customers that have 

Aston martins


Ferrari 308 

Bentley continental 

loads with expensive , BMW,Audi,Mercedes , Range Rovers , Volvos . 

Along with the normal run of the mill stuff .


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We have a couple of specials, one is a 1960's Aston Martin DB 5 that cost £60k to restore, won't tell us what it cost to buy and a Mercedes AMG GT R, the safety car in F1. A few Bentleys etc but those 2 are special.

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Its more Quantity than Quality, but one of my customers has about 8 Jag XKR, 1 XKRS, and one with a Grantley conversion to have an F-type front end. Not known the customers long enough to know whats tucked away in their garages. Still doesn't quite beat my Capri with a 24v Cossie conversion for me though😁

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One of my customers years ago had a ferrari 348. That was pretty cool he even let me sit in it.

Another custy had an H reg merc 560 se coupe. He also has a 1984 SL convertable. Oh yeah I have just remembered. I have a customer who owns a TVR cerbera thats got to be my favourite.

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On 01/02/2021 at 00:05, NewGuy said:

A fully restored Triumph Stag is my favourite. Such a lovely car!

A proper beauty!

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