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Rectus 21 fitting

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Put sum boiling water in a cup and put the end of your hose in it for a couple of minutes to soften it up and you will find it much easier to push it in 👍

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That's definitely an 8mm hose tail. Are you having difficulty pushing the male rectus plug into the coupler? If they are on their own they can be hard to grip and hard to push in. Some generic brands can be less compatible than others though. 

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2 hours ago, Bwfc said:

I know this seems stupid but ordered this & doesn't slot in?? Thought be easy. I'm I really stupid.. also seems too big for minibore 6mm


The female looks like an 8 mm to me and the male looks like 6 mm but it should still fit in the female I would put some WD 40 on it they can be a bit stiff initially 

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Are you sure you have bought the correct size? 
put the small o clip on the pole hose then dip hose in boiling water slide the male fitting inside the hose put o clip over the connection and hose and nip together. Same with the female fitting on to hose reel hose. Then your ready to go. Clip both connectors together and away you go. 

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