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Bought gutter cleaning business

Steve C

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I'm Steve, 37 years old and I had to find something new to do so I started up I thought I would join some forums and grab some tips. Hope to find a few on here.

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Welcome to the forum.

So elaborate on your newly acquired gutter cleaning business...

Tons of great information on the forum (search bar comes in handy) and it is a pretty knowledgeable crew here.

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40 minutes ago, johnny bravo said:

gutter cleaning is not a bussiness  ,to buy ,its an add on for companies  in the cleaning bussiness  imo.      

I know a few guys that own gutter cleaning businesses, and if done right can be very successful. 

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2 hours ago, johnny bravo said:

gutter cleaning is not a bussiness  ,to buy ,its an add on for companies  in the cleaning bussiness  imo.      

There is a company 12 miles away from me that does  nothing but gutter clearance 4 guys with two vans they are busy all year round , I wouldn’t want to just do it but goes to show some do and make a living from it .

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gutter  cleaning, you may well have to access  some parts via Ladders,  if you have areas that a gutter vac cannot dislodge or suck up.  Safety is paramount as you do not want to end up in a wheel chair or worse for your family   dead.    Lots still only use Ladders , as myself.  I will only go up if not too high or awkward .  It does happen.   Any ladder work is dangerous . Customers do not realise this when you give your Quote to them.   Too many accept that nothing will happen to them as they say they are carefull.   We all know the truth 

Good Luck.   Be sure to have all the right gear  . especially ladder stand off   if using ladders.

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