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What poles would you use

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Hi All I’m just starting out building my new round, I am going to work a two man system must of the house around my area are 2/3 storey and large town house with garage on ground floor so basically they 3/4 storey I am thinking off buying 2 x 25ft  and  1x 45ft pole 

don’t mind paying the money for decent poles that are going to last me a while, can anyone recommend what poles to go for and brushes?? And are them size ranges ok 

What website are best to find them?

i welcome any advice that can be giving to me



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2 hours ago, Part Timer said:

Gardiner poles are by far and away the most popular on this site. 45' pole is a big pole for residential, we do 4 floors with a 35' pole.

Part timer is spot on 45 will be overkill and your arms will be in bits using it all day.

if your just starting out I would maybe get a slx 35 and 2 clx 22’ or slx 22’s and only use the 35 as and when it’s needed 👍

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Gardiner’s as others have said Alex 25 will do most 3 storey town houses 22 might struggle on some , 35 or45 will cover everything you are likely to need for any house  including v lux windows and solar panels . 

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